Herbal HGH Releasers

Herbal HGH Releasers

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a regulatory hormone in the body that is responsible for building and maintaining muscle and bone mass. It is vital for the body to produce it at all ages, especially in adolescence when the body is growing the most. Although adults no longer grow in height, HGH helps them increase muscle mass, improve muscle tone, raise bone density, maintain stability of mood, and keep energy levels high. Lack of sufficient HGH production in the body makes one look older. HGH is produced in high qualities when sleeping in a normal health condition. When HGH production is insufficient though, studies show that some herbal supplements can stimulate the production of this hormone.

Boosting Growth Hormone Naturally

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is usually administered to males and females suffering from low hormone levels. These treatments, however, are costly and must be continued on for long periods of time. The injections of HGH can have side effects like decreased insulin sensitivity. The best way to get sufficient HGH levels in the body is to induce them naturally through a change in daily habits and through supplementation of certain herbs. These herbal HGH releasers are:

Ginko biloba

This herb increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain and the pituitary gland where the growth hormone is released. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors in ginko biloba help the HGH production that has declined because of aging.


Ginseng boosts the production of hormones overall. This includes HGH. It raises energy levels, improves performance, and decreases stress.

Licorice root

This root plant increases HGH production in the brain by activating pituitary cells.

Chaste tree (berry)

The berries of the chaste tree promote pituitary gland health and HGH production. Chaste tree berry also balances the hormones of the entire body.


Mucuna, or velvet bean, counteracts age-related hormone insufficiency. It is a precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine. It increases their production and therefore increases HGH levels.


More popular as horny goat weed, this herb inhibits the effects of MAO. This herb also increases the dopamine and norepinephrine – two neurotransmitters that stimulate the pituitary gland.

Yellow Leader

Yellow leader is a popular tonic supplement in Chinese medicine. It increases growth hormone when tested with rat pituitary cells.


The Dioscorea batatas growing in China is used with other herbal combinations to create elixirs. It increased growth hormone production in rats. Supplement prescriptions of yams can produce different results, but studies showed that it does increase HGH.

Agnus castus

Another one of the herbal HGH releasers supplements that balances the hormone production in the pituitary gland.

Tribulus terrestris

This herb also known as puncture vine has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. The chemicals in this plant stimulate the pituitary gland. It also increases testosterone in men and increases the secretion of follicle stimulants in women. It is great for treating infertility besides raising growth hormone production.

Precautions and Supplementation

Herbs should be taken with caution and without overdosing. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and children should talk to a specialist before supplementing with any herb. Some people may be sensitive to particular herbs, so you should always test your sensitivity to the herbs before taking them. There are a lot of specially prepared HGH herbal supplements in the market that contain a mix of this herb and many others. Herbal supplements do not contain synthetic HGH, so they are generally safe to use as hormone production stimulants.

When you boost HGH levels in a natural way through herbs, the body regulates its own HGH production in time. An increase of HGH levels brings you numerous benefits. These are lean muscle mass, tighter skin, greater vitality, increased bone density, improved organ health, improved sleep, stronger immunity, and increased physical and mental endurance. Natural supplements are also free of harmful chemicals and do not make one dependent on taking HGH supplements for life.

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