HGH Release During Sleep

HGH Release During Sleep

The human growth hormone is an important component of the endocrine system. It works with other physiological factors to help a child grow to maturity. The hgh hormone is released into the bloodstream when someone is sleeping; hgh release during sleep plays the role of repairing and restoring the body parts during sleeping hours.

The brain’s pituitary gland is responsible for the production of the hgh hormone. This hormone is a complex protein that helps to maintain healthy body organs and tissues in adulthood after promoting growth in childhood. During its release, the pituitary works like a pulsating device, making the hormone production come out in a non-continuous way.

The hgh hormone also promotes the physical appearance and ensure that the metabolism is healthy.

When is hgh hormone released during sleep?

There are two activities that trigger the release of the human growth hormone, and these are sleeping and exercising. Researchers state that approximately 75% of the hgh is released during deep sleep.

In an average person, the hgh release happens in the first period of the three stages of sleep at night; this is precisely an hour after you fall asleep. The third stage of sleep is referred to as the slow wave sleep or the deep sleep that only accounts for a quarter of your sleep, but it is also the most restorative stage. Hgh is released during during seep sleep and it works to rebuild your muscles and body from the daily activities and stresses you have undergone.

How sleep affects hgh production

A person goes through approximately five of cycles of the three stages of sleep each night. During the first few cycles of undergoing the third stage of sleep, hgh is released. Now, when you deprive yourself of sleep, it impacts the release of the hgh hormone during your first stages of the third stage of sleep.

If you stay up all night working on a project or watching a movie instead of sleeping like you always do, there will be no release of the hgh hormone. If you go through a period of sleep deprivation, extra hormones will be released when you resume sleeping.

An experiment was done by scientists where they locked people in a place where there was no daylight and exposure to other environmental factors that help to remind us when to sleep, and when to wake up. The subject patients were given the freedom to set their sleeping schedules, and the result was that the sleeping time deviated from the normal 24-hour cycle.

This experiment has happened very many times, but in this particular case, the blood levels of the hgh hormone were tracked, to the point of identifying when the pituitary gland was releasing hormone. After the experiment, high levels of the hgh hormone release reduced significantly during sleeping hours. The first deep sleep was shorter.

The result of the experiment indicated that the changes in sleeping patterns change the amount of hgh hormone released.

How hgh hormone changes with age

In our youth, the hgh hormone peaks up, and it declines at a steady pace as we grow older in both male and female. The majority of the aged spend less time in their deep sleep which explains why there are low levels of hgh and the disorders that come about with age. For instance, low hgh levels are related to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

How healthy are hgh supplements?

The production of hgh decreases with age. In the middle age, low quantities of hgh are released which can be caused by sleep deprivation and disruption. Now, adult related hgh reduction, as well as sleep deprivation, can cause side effects such as low physical and cognitive performance, weight gain, reduced muscle mass and other age-related factors like thinning of hair and risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Hgh supplements which are considered instead of HRT (hormone replacement therapy), have become an attractive alternative by many to keep the body youthful. Even though over the counter supplements are flying off the shelf, their effects are not accepted by some credible medical authorities. Additionally, it is not FDA approved.

Hgh is not produced in a cream or a pill, don’t be lied to by this kind of packaging. Don’t be tricked to inject yourself with the synthetic form of hgh without checking in with your doctor. You should also be aware that it is illegal to inject yourself without a prescription.

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