l Arginine HGH Release

l Arginine HGH Release

What do Dr. Oz, wheat germ and peanuts have in common? An amino acid known as l arginine. The first plugs it, the other two produce it.

L arginine (also called arginine) is an amino acid that is a fundamental component of proteins. L arginine is a celebrated weight loss supplement (it can even burn fat while you sleep). It additionally supports liver function, healthy blood pressure and muscle growth. L arginine is also a unisex version of Viagra.

One of l arginine’s most powerful properties is its prowess in triggering the release of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is a protein hormone manufactured by the pituitary gland, a pea-sized organ at the back of the brain. A crucial hormone, it influences skeletal muscles and internal organs, lowers blood pressure and even boosts libido. HGH has been raved about as the new Fountain of Youth because of its anti-aging efficacy.

It’s also known as a “miracle drug” because of its dramatic effect upon weight loss. Not only are its fat-decreasing capabilities impressive, it also notably reduces cholesterol levels.

HGH production often needs an assist. (This is known as hormone replacement therapy or HRT). A boost can come in the form of ingestible HGH which can be bought inexpensively, and without a prescription, at health food stores. Unfortunately, over-the-counter HGH is not extremely effective. Daily injections are more powerful, but they’re rarely covered by insurance and are prohibitively expensive. A natural, effective alternative is l arginine HGH release.

Does l-arginine release HGH? Yes. When L arginine stimulates HGH release, the weight loss results can be profound. Here are ways that l arginine can make this happen.


  • Short Term Exposure to L arginine Stimulates HGH — L arginine increases levels of growth hormone by immediately blocking their natural inhibitors, somatostatins. In the February 1999 issue of “Growth Hormone and IGF Research,” it was reported that supplements administered to male and female volunteers prompted an instant l arginine HGH release.
    Another study explored l arginine’s effects upon rats. After a month, the animals had higher levels of HGH than they did at the beginning of the study.
  • Avoid L Arginine While Working Out — By itself, arginine can ramp up HGH by nearly 100 percent. By itself, working out can increase HGH by 300 – 500 percent. However, when the two are combined, the l arginine loses its potency and only increases HGH by approximately 200 percent.
  • Eat Foods With High L Arginine Content — HGH-stimulating foods include peanuts, wheat germ, eggs, pork loin, chicken, turkey, soy beans, cheese, yogurt and lentils. Almost all foods containing protein, except gelatin, have arginine in them.


For all of you aspiring gods and goddesses, l arginine holds promise for adult weight loss. Here are some of its many talents.

  • Shed Fat and Grow Muscle — Many weight loss programs destroy lean muscle in the quest for fat reduction. Arginine causes healthy weight loss. With arginine you shed fat and not muscle. Even better, it actually increases muscle mass.
  • It Oversees Hormones — L arginine acts as a gatekeeper from fat by regulating hormones — such as HGH — and genes connected with metabolizing fat.
  • It Pinpoints Genes Associated with Fat — Arginine modulates genes associated with fat metabolism and tissues that store fat. It operates at an actual genetic level to stave off fat accumulation.
  • It Encourages Creation of Brown Fat — Simply put, white fat is the “bad” stubborn fat. Brown fat burns it. Arginine ingestion sparks brown fat development.
  • It Banishes Belly Fat — This is where l arginine really unleashes is superpowers. It adeptly homes in on abdominal fat and eliminates it. In addition to promoting overall fat loss, l arginine can pinpoint and blast belly fat. According to one study, l arginine eliminated 2 inches of adult body fat in only 12 weeks.

Dieting? Put away ineffective pills, nauseating powders, and painful shots. L arginine renders all of these products unnecessary. It not only works wonders for fat loss, but it boosts heart health, blood pressure, athletic performance and more. The best part? It’s completely natural.

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