Release of HGH During Fasting

Release of HGH During Fasting

The human growth hormone is produced in the brain, and it is responsible for the growth processes in the body. It is what allows you to gain muscle mass when working out and eating sufficient nutrients. There is another way of stimulating the release of HGH in your body that may seem counter-intuitive. This method is fasting – something that religious people have been doing for ages, and now athletes and bodybuilders are implementing this new discovery into their workout strategy.

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is one of the many hormones produced by the pituitary gland. Its role is essential in the growing of children but it is not limited to it. Adults also need to produce sufficient amounts of HGH in their body to maintain muscles and bones and keep body fat to a minimum.

Human growth hormone is released in the bloodstream through which it reaches the liver where it is converted into different growth factors for the body. The levels of it produced in the body are highest during puberty when the body is growing the most.

HGH is secreted mainly during sleep. It is responsible for breaking down glycogen and increasing blood glucose.

HGH for Building and Maintaining Muscle

Although the production of HGH goes down with age, insufficient qualities of it can lead to lower muscle and bone mass. Increasing the amounts of HGH in the body leads to gain of lean mass of muscle, bones, and skin while the fat storages decrease. It is a great prescription HRT therapy. So why not use that? There are side effects to HRT with growth hormone. Since the HGH is a counter-regulatory hormone, its intake increased the blood sugar levels in the blood. Increase in fluid retention and blood pressure were also noticed from the studies done on both males and females. Another side effect was enlargement of the heart and the potential for heart problems arising from that.

Fasting for Human Growth Hormone Increase

Numerous studies show that there is a significant HGH release during fasting. A 5-day fast increases the levels of HGH by 300% without the use of any stimulants or supplements. Fasting has no side effects when done moderately.

There is a misconception about fasting and weight loss. Studies prove that this is not true. During a fast, HGH is secreted regularly throughout the whole time. When comparing lower caloric diets to fasting, the second proved to be 4 times more efficient in preserving the lean mass.

This has to do with the way our bodies are designed to work. In older times, people stored fat during the warm months when there was plenty of food. In winter, the body would burn those fat storages for energy so as to not deplete the more important mass of the body – the muscles and bones. The body has not changed its mechanisms and when it fasts, the body burns the fat first.

You are wondering how long to fast for HGH release? Typically, the fast continues for 36 hours but some people choose to eat 2 or 3 meals within the 6-8 hour frame of fasting.

It is important to note that intermittent fasting does not work if you are on the standard American diet and consume foods with a high glycemic index. It works when you are eating a highly nutritious and healthy food. Another important part of the strategy is to eat a healhty meal when breaking the fast. It should be packed with lots of nutrients since the body readily absorbs whatever is given to it after the fast and you want only the best for yourself!

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